Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages & Disadvantages-

Of Being Able To Communicate With People More Easily!


  1. It is cool to be able to chat with online friends
  2. It is much easier to connect with people over the internet
  3. Millions of people are up with the technology these days


  1. It is now easier for people to hack accounts
  2. It is easier than ever, to contact random people, and be cyber-bullied
  3. Strangers can contact you, if you forget to turn privacy settings on





My name is Abbey.

My favourite things to do are sport and hanging with my friends.

I love jellybeans!

I don’t like mean people, or the dentist!

Selfies are pretty cool~ Haha

Animals are better than people!

Taylor Swift, One Direction, MKTO, 5SOS & Many More xx

“If You’re Lucky Enough To Be Different,Don’t You Ever Change.”~T.S

That’s Me! <3

What About You?