Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

I find this movie very intense, humorous and entertaining.

I noticed that when danger is coming, the audio pace increases to a dramatic tune.

The colours of the main characters are brighter then others, and they have a glowing outline.

My favourite character is Dory because of her short term memory loss.

I love that the movie is set in the Great Barrier Reef, because it’s in Australia.

The movie is a 9/10 xx

…but it was far too hot… this is made up!

It was a few years ago. I was lying on the beach with my family, and they were using up the sunscreen. I was getting frustrated because I could feel the heat getting to me, and I had no sunscreen on. I decided to go for a swim while I waited. Hours passed, and I went back to my family to see if the sunscreen was available. I tried to write in the sand but it was far too hot! It burned my fingers. By the time I got back to my mum, the sunscreen bottle was empty. What a joke!

My Immigration Poem

My Poem 🙂


The poor un-wealthy immigrants,
they were not safe at home.
They hopped on a vessel,
and set off, alone.
They made their way to Australia,
to find safe places to live,
but they were sent back to Indonesia,
because they had nothing to give.
So next time you don’t get your way,
think of those who went unfed,
by the time they got back to their country,
most of them were dead.
They were all squished,
all of the immigrants were quite depressed,
they were clueless,

Let Your Creativity Show

There once was a girl named Abbey,

she had a pet water yabby.

Her yabby ate cake,

and swam in the lake,

too much cake made the yabby too flabby.



This is a sand picture made by me on the app THISISSAND.


Once- CH1

I really enjoyed the first chapter of Once, by Morris Gleitzman.

It was really engaging and very interesting how orphanage kids are treated.

I felt quite shocked when I found all the kids have to bath in the same water.

It is also quite sad how children’s parents give them up to orphanages.

I wonder if the kids parents will show up?

Or if he is just taking the ‘carrot’ a bit too far?