…but it was far too hot… this is made up!

It was a few years ago. I was lying on the beach with my family, and they were using up the sunscreen. I was getting frustrated because I could feel the heat getting to me, and I had no sunscreen on. I decided to go for a swim while I waited. Hours passed, and I went back to my family to see if the sunscreen was available. I tried to write in the sand but it was far too hot! It burned my fingers. By the time I got back to my mum, the sunscreen bottle was empty. What a joke!

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  1. Hi Abbey,
    You were probably fried to a crisp by the time you got back to the empty bottle. How many layers of skin peeled off your body? 😀 I would love you see a bit more description in your story so I feel the sensation of being in the water or of “baking” on the sand. Keep up the good work!

    Jilanne (team 100)

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