7 thoughts on “No Word Sentence

  1. G’day Abbey,
    Great sentence using images, but remember the idea of the activity was to include the attribution of where you found the images and who owns them. This also includes clip art used.

    I tried to leave a comment on your avatar post, but for some reason it wouldn’t allow it. I love the Aussie flag you have included there.

    To add your avatar to the front of your blog, go to your dashboard> settings> blog avatar and upload it.

    • Oops! Sorry! I did get the pictures from ‘labeled for reuse.’
      I didn’t realise we had to put that with it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Abbey!
    My name is Caiya and i was checking out the Student Blogging Challenge Magazine and I went to the page that help mine and I saw your picture, too! I decided to check your blog out and think your blog is awesome! I am 11, I live in California, and I LOVE reading, blogging, and laughing.
    You sound like a really nice, sweet girl!
    -Caiya @ http://caiya.edublogs.org/

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