My name is Abbey.

My favourite things to do are sport and hanging with my friends.

I love jellybeans!

I don’t like mean people, or the dentist!

Selfies are pretty cool~ Haha

Animals are better than people!

Taylor Swift, One Direction, MKTO, 5SOS & Many More xx

“If You’re Lucky Enough To Be Different,Don’t You Ever Change.”~T.S

That’s Me! <3

What About You?


7 thoughts on “Me!

  1. Hi Abbey! I can’t believe that you like 5sos! Me too! I love them so much and I really like your blog. If you could check out mine that’d be great. I just want people to see my writing and since you are part of the 5 sauce family and you’re a directioner (like me) I think it’s only fair haha! So if you have the time here’s the link ~

    ~Hayden x

  2. Hi Abbey,
    I love your blog! It seems we have a lot in common. I do agree with you when you said “Animals are better than people.” Animals will listen no matter what they are doing ,sometimes my dog and cat help me get through most lof my problems. Animals just make me feel like if its not ok its not the end. So I was wondering if you wanted to check out my blog

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